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Blackjack Winning Strategy

Blackjack is one of the few casino games where the casino advantage, the house advantage, is relatively low. The use of a good blackjack strategy can further reduce this house advantage and increase your own chances of winning. In this article you will discover various blackjack strategies that prescribe exactly which hand must be made with which decision, such as passing or taking a card. The strategies can be applied immediately!

A blackjack strategy, how does that work?

Blackjack strategies, unlike for example roulette strategies, are more complicated and laborious to apply. Yet it is very important to get acquainted with a blackjack strategy because the strategy indicates exactly what is best statistically to do given the cards that you and the dealer have. is to fit, when taking a card is wise and when splitting is profitable and when not. Doesn't it seem ideal to me?

Important terms in a blackjack strategy table:


A hit in the blackjack game means that a player wants to buy / take another card. If this card causes the total number of points in the hand to go beyond 21, the player plays broken. This is also called "busting".

Stand / pass

Stand or pass means that the player no longer wants and fits a card. He / she is satisfied with the score of the hand and waits until the bank (dealer) starts playing.


Double means that the player doubles his bet, but can only buy / take one card. The player may not request an extra card after that one card.


A player may split his cards if it concerns two identical cards, for example two sixes. In some casinos it is allowed to split two cards of both 10 points, for example a gentleman and a woman. If a player chooses to split, he / she must place the same bet on both cards. Your initial bet is therefore doubled and the two cards are then treated as two separate games.

The blackjack strategy table

A real blackjack strategy is usually in the form of a table. That table describes exactly which of the above actions you must take given the cards you have. Depending on your cards you have to make one of the following moves: hit, pass, double or split. You can of course also take a different action than the table prescribes, but then you reduce the chance of winning.

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