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Texas Holdem Poker

There are many different variations of poker games and what is most played today is Texas Holdem. At this poker site we love Texas Holdem and here we talk poker in general and Texas Holdem in particular. You will learn the basics of the game, poker rules, strategies, tips, advice and giuids to get as good as possible at Texas Holdem Poker.

Texas Holdem Poker game

You start the game by having two cards on hand and five cards on the table. With these cards you should try to get the best five-card hand together. The players share the five cards on the table. These cards are called boards. The board is laid out gradually in three rounds (3 + 1 + 1). When you form your five-card hand, mix the cards on your hand and on the table as you like, the most important thing is to try to get the best poker hand. The participant with the best hand wins the pot if the game progresses to the showdown.


The game's compulsory bets are called blinds. This means that two players sitting to the left of the dealer lay out the small and the big blind. It must be done before the other players receive their cards.


When they put their blinds, all players get two cards each, which they should not show for anyone else. The cards are called hole cards. Now the first betting round can begin. The first player to the left of the big blind starts.


When the first betting round is completed, three new cards are added to the table. These cards are open and called the flop. All players may use the cards. Now, the first player sitting to the left of the deal can start the second betting round.

Turn (fourth street)

When the players are finished with the second betting round, they place the fourth open card on the table next to the flop. The fourth card is called the turn or fourth street. Now the third betting round can start, using the same method as the former.

River (fifth street)

The fifth card, which is also the last one, is posted open next to the turn card. Now the fourth and final betting round can start, in the same way as the two previous ones.


If there are more than one player left, it will be a showdown. The player who has the highest five card hand takes the pot.

Tips 1. Have a good starting hand

Be sure to carefully choose which hands you play. For example, if you have nine opponents, you can almost be sure that someone has a better hand than you. In principle, the sooner you are in the betting round, the more and worse the hands you play. Much depends on your location.

Tips 2. Play for your position

You have the same place throughout Texas. Players who come after you will usually do so until the last betting round. As a rule, being in an early position in the game is a pretty big disadvantage, as you would rather play stronger hands here. If you are in a later position you can get an advantage of playing late, as you can have a bigger overview of the whole game.

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